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"For almost a year now, I have had reoccurring calf strains. Had never had these when running in earlier years. I would do all the right self-care things such as rest, ice, compression, elevation, foam rolling, increasing hydration, increasing electrolytes and protein, ensuring warm up and stretching. But every few runs, the sudden cramp and debilitating pain would hit at the most random times- sometimes 3 miles in sometimes within the first mile. No warning and no relief. It started getting to be chronic- something I dreaded every attempt at jogging. My primary care gave my calves a look, didn't feel any alarming knots or lumps and recommended I see a PT. I finally went to see an orthopedic specialist this month only to be evaluated for 5 minutes and given a strong anti-inflammatory that honestly did nothing for the pain. Finally, I spent more time reading online about myofascial pain syndrome and just knew it was what I was suffering from. Not wanting to self diagnose, I went to see Eli and got a great massage. Next day, still same soreness. The third day it started to ease up so I thought I'd give a short walk/jog a try- still skeptical that the massage had been anything other than just a really good deep tissue massage. I ran 2 miles and no pain- so I kept going and conked out at 4. Not because of pain but because my lungs need to get back up to speed! 2 days later with a little normal soreness, gave it another try. Again, just kept going since I felt so great. At this rate, I'll be 1/2 marathon ready by my November goal! And this week, I ran a pretty hilly 10k- my first ever going that long and that far. I'm a believer." Maggie F

"The staff at MYO is friendly and accommodating. They know how to help the body heal. I've had wrist problems and they were able to help with those as well as relax me! Eli and the rest of the staff are absolutely wonderful!" Ayla Spoons Olivia

"I have been a client of the MYO Client since it's inception...post knee surgery (ACL and Meniscus Repair) I utilized the clinic for weekly therapy and began healing amazingly fast. I was roller skating that year! I now am fortunate enough to go monthly and believe it is one of the best things I do for myself, my body and my snarky attitude. Plus it smells real good in there. THANK YOU Eli, Vicki and Christina!!!!" Tina Houston

"Amazing therapy and therapists. Hoping to see places like this all over the country, I cannot say enough good things about Christina's work and the community of healing that they all create. Thank you Eli for making this possible, massage is one of the best things to happen in my life and helped me to fully heal my back, neck and shoulders. One of the best opportunities in Boone! Tommy Brown

"We love and miss the Myo Clinic! Eli, Vicki, and Christina do wonderful things to heal the world through massage. The Myo Clinic helped to heal the discomfort in my shoulder and neck from a car accident." Taylor Krivenki

"Eli has a deep understanding of anatomy and my whole body feels reconnected after a massage. I have been able to address poor posture and low back pain, sports injuries and emotional stress. With this variety of issues, every massage was different and promoted healing. He is comforting, encouraging, supportive and patient. After receiving his massage, there is no other therapist I want to see. Thank you Eli, you are a gift to Boone!" Rebecca Bellonci

"Eli is a fabulous massage therapist, one of my all-time favorites. He blends extensive skeletal-muscular knowledge, a wide array of different types of massage, and his deep intuitive skills to find and heal the root causes of chronic pain and misalignment. Eli’s also delightfully fun, bright and just great to be around. We’re lucky to have him! Jeanne Supin
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