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Ryan Phipps, LMBT

NC License #14547

As a resident of Ashe County, I have lived in the North Carolina high country all my life. I became involved in martial arts at an early age, and began teaching self defense and Tai-Chi. From teaching children to adults, I came to understand that ergonomic movement is unique to the individual. This is where I developed a passion for the body, movement and the effects it has on the mind. In 2010 I received my massage license from the Center for Massage and Natural Health. I truly believe in the power of bodywork and its effect not only on our physical body, but on our minds. I feel that in today's fast paced society we are put under mental and physical stresses oftentimes without even being aware, massage is a great way to realign your body and your thoughts. This knowledge, paired with my experiences in everything from desk jobs to factory work to retail has reinforced my passion for the body, it's structure and the profound effect it has on one's day to day life.

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