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QiGong/Tai Chi


Tai Chi and Qi Gong are centuries-old, related mind and body practices. They involve certain postures and gentle movements with mental focus, breathing, and relaxation. The movements can be adapted or practiced while walking, standing, or sitting. In contrast to qi gong, tai chi movements, if practiced quickly, can be a form of combat or self-defense.




Benefits and preventions within the practice of QiGong/Tai Chi:

*Falling and Balance

*For Pain (knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic neck pain, back pain)

*For Mental Health and Cognitive Function

*For Quality of Life

*So much more...


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Practitioner: Tom Eddins

Rates: $12 with Class Pass or $15 Drop-in  Class Pass Package: 10 Classes for $120   Private: $60

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