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Manual Medicine (Myotherapy)


Fascia, by definition, is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body. It forms a whole-body continuous three-dimensional matrix of structural support. Fascia interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers, creating a unique environment for body systems functioning.  The following are three options to best support your goals:

  • Myotherapy Session:  Working within the neuro-myo-fascial (NMF) web system, this individual session addresses whatever you present with at the time. These sessions are influenced by Ida Rolf's Structural Integration, Moshe Feldenkrais's Functional Integration, Tom Myer's Kinesis Myofascial Integration, and Jean Barral's Visceral and Neuro Manipulation.  A session integrates movement while mobilizing Neuro-myo-fascia to carefully redistribute tension. The session is informative for the client and therapist alike.
  • Visceral manipulation or Neural manipulation: The work of Jean Barral is highly specialized and depending on the assessment, we will work with the organs (Visceral) or with the Cranium, Spine and Meninges (Neural Manipulation). These sessions last between 15-25 minutes and are done with the client fully dressed. This is an excellent add on to a Myotherapy session. It is part of NMF series. Click on the following links for more information:

Visceral Manipulation Information (VM)       Neural Manipulation (NM)

Due to the gentle nature of this form of medical massage, it's also a great option for prenatal massage.

Practitioners: Eli Peltz

Rates: 30mins/$50   60mins/$95   90mins/$140   120mins/$185   Package: 5/60mins sessions for $450

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