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Energy Bodywork


Do you want  better ways to cope with physical and emotional pain?


Discover how private mindfulness training and energy healing can help change your life. Each mindfulness training session is a customized guided meditation and energy healing experience designed specifically for you and your present needs. Throughout your mindfulness training session you will learn techniques for the release of old harmful thinking patterns and how to become more present.  


Often times sickness and chronic pain can be linked to stress which causes inflammation. This practice will assist your body in reaching a state of deep relaxation allowing for release of stress, physical, and emotional pain.


Mindfulness training and energy healing sessions are for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders and more. These practices will also benefit those feeling stuck and searching for inner healing.  Anyone who feels that they could benefit from a one-on-one experience with attention specific to your needs and questions.

Mindfulness Training and Energy Healing Sessions can be held over the phone/internet or in office. These sessions are set to refresh, renew, invigorate, and support change.


Some of the techniques used are: BodyTalk, Emotional Freedom Techniques, ME, EMDR, REIKI, Electro Vibraic Energy, and Meditation. 




Practitioner: Tamika Cole

Rates: 15mins add-on to another service/$20   60mins/$75    90mins/$105  

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