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Eli Peltz BS, LMBT

NC License #08018

Director of Alchemy, Center For Healing Therapies

Alchemy is a way to bring a wide web of my life experiences together.  My Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, learning Feldenkrais and practicing Yoga paved the way to a massage career that began in 2004 at “Homer Inn & Spa” in Homer, Alaska. In 2008 at the Florida Academy of Massage I completed a 565 hour program as valedictorian. I quickly began my practice in North Carolina and grew my practice to full time in two years. In my 4th year in practice, I learned various Fascial Release techniques and Structural Integration (aka "Rolfing") working with Tom Myers. Working with the Myofascial Web became a passion, where I have learned how to go deeper into the body and get amazing results with my clients. I have taken over 300 hours of additional coursework in the past 8 years, studying the works of Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Tom Myers. I have begun a rigorous certification process for Jean Barral's Visceral Manipulation and Neuro-Manipulation teachings as of September 2016. In January 2018, I became a Board Certified Massage Therapist by the NCBTMB, the highest level of certifcation currently possible in massage.

Having a meditation & yoga practice for the past 16 years is central to the foundation of my work. It teaches me to listen and honor my body so that I may honor and listen to yours.

Alchemy is where it has all come together. Starting this community driven education center and healthcare clinic has inspired my bodywork practice. We are paving the way for a new healthcare system where wellness is the key.  Reaching out to help our community doing service has allowed me to give back a gift that has kept on giving. 

I currently live in Cove Creek, NC in the Blue Ridge mountains with my wife, Vicki Peltz and 14-year-old daughter Juniper. We love Boone and are committed to being a part of the Watauga community, and the human one as well.

In this photo where I am running with my daughter, I found that with the smallest nudge she was able to run faster. It was so subtle the amount of pressure needed to help her. This is how I approach our sessions, based on the smallest movement to the largest. This keeps our sessions in the relaxed zone, where the body's natural healing responses can really kick in, and we can listen to the intelligence of the tissues of your body, as it guides the direction of the session. Exploring the web of connective tissue is a practice I love and respect, creating an environment of trust, where anyone can feel comfortable to just be. All are welcome, from infants to seniors alike. Your body has a great story to tell. Together we can find our way back to healthiest you.

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