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Center for Healing Therapies    

We feature a diverse group of highly trained professionals to further enhance your career in the healing arts.  Our professional healthcare trainings include Myofascial Therapy, Abdominal Massage and Ethics. Our classes include Yoga, and Alexander technique.  

We believe that our curriculum  enhances a massage therapist's ability to enhance their touch, assess and treat people holistically, and improve the health of themselves and their clients. 

Manual Medicine

This course teaches how to connect deeply with yourself, your client, and their tissue. Moving beyond just bones and joints, we explore various ways to touch your clients. Anatomy is important, so we experience an anatomical tour of the major joints and Connective Tissue (Myofascia) systems. The therapist is given a lens to see how the MyoFascia and "MyoFascial meridians " work locally at the joint and globally through the body.

Myofascial therapy is a Manual Therapy that teaches you how to work within the neuro-myo-fascial (NMF) web system. These workshops are influenced by Ida Rolf's Structural Integration, Moshe Feldenkrais's Functional Integration, Tom Myer's Kinesis Myofascial Integration and Jean Barral's Visceral and Neuro Manipulation. Our goal is show you how to integrate movement while mobilizing Neuro-myo-fascia to carefully redistribute tension. Elements of Deep Tissue work, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Thai Yoga massage are mixed in. Therapists learn how to make each session informative for the client and themselves alike while taking a medical approach to massage. While diagnosing is out of our scope, we can ask ourselves questions to better serve our sessions and pay attention to patterns that our clients may be engaging in.

We familiarize or enhance therapists knowledge of
  • common patterns & injuries starting at the foot and ankle system to the jaw
  • assessment & release techniques for working with and balancing myofascial tissue, fascial tissue, nervous system tissue.
  • combining client intake, gait & posture analysis, and palpation to have more effective treatments plans
  • working smarter with your body to prevent Therapist injury
The body works by synthesizing outside influences and events, such as trauma & injuries, to constantly recreate new gait and postural patterns. This class will give you a lens to see more clearly whether these habit patterns are efficient or if changes need to be made to increase ease and efficiency. This 84 hour Manual Medicine Certificate is a great introduction to working with the neuro-myo-fascial web, as well as learning who you are in your practice.
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Ethics: Principles of Communication

Vicki Peltz, MA,  teaches this ongoing ethics class covering communication, boundaries and the phenomena of transference & projection with self-care. In this Ethics class we explore aligning our actions with our hearts. 2-3 hours per class.

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