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Vicki Peltz

It seems the root of most issues we are facing is fear. It may be covered in layers of anger or sadness and it may manifest as anxiety and depression. I believe we carry fear of not being accepted, of not feeling loved. Sometimes we function the best we can in the world while experiencing feelings of disconnect and unworthiness and we create ways in which to cope. These coping mechanisms may not always be healthy and can come in the form of substance abuse and other addictions. Then we come to the point where we are ready to heal.

My intention is to just be with you by holding the space for your thoughts and feelings. With an honest investigation I want to connect with your perception and understand your experience so that we may be able to see clearly where you have been feeling stuck and allow for some movement.

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MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
Appalachian State University
License No. and State: A10879 NC
Practitioners: Vicki Peltz
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