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The idea of a Community Massage Clinic gained momentum after the tragic death of a Sheriff, Officer William Mast Jr, answering a call July 26th, 2012. His wife was 2 weeks from the birth of their child, and an entire community of people and their families mourned. In my grief I felt a call of duty to my community for service through massage.
The Myo Clinic on November 1st, 2017 will turn five! It’s bittersweet. Grief can be a powerful force of change. When we began, it was a fuzzy plan to build an education & research center with an apprenticeship program that would have a community massage clinic. Almost 5 years later, with a lot of help, we have taken our model and successfully created a really special community centered project.
All of our Therapists (and the Director!) provide community service each month. Populations include homeless, church food banks, foster parents, single mothers(and fathers) . We extend our community work to our service men and women as well. We donate or offer low cost on-site massage to teachers, social workers, vets, firemen, police, EMT since 2012. We are looking for donations to further our work.

As members of the greater Appalachia community, we also feel a duty to help those in our community who need it, and to make our town & our bodies a wonderful place to inhabit. We use part of our proceeds to offer sliding scale massage rates to make this incredible form of healthcare more accessible. Payment for our massage goes right back into the community. Through our efforts we have reduced price or donated massage, encouraging myofascial therapy for people in service, while helping those in need to pay a little less. We all benefit from healthier Watauga, Ashe & Avery counties.
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