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Digestive Health

 By Heven Anderson

Abdominal Massage is a form of medical massage that can benefit everyone. It focuses on those who have symptoms affecting their digestion, absorption, and elimination. Digestive health is important to our overall well being because it can affect many areas of our body.


This therapy effectively relieves congestion to all major organs by increasing lymph and blood circulation in the digestive tract thus allowing food to be processed easily. Digestive Health essentially helps control the entity of the body by balancing the mind and body in focus and life. Another aspect of digestive health is that it can be controlled and managed to better your health. For example, the breath comes from the stomach so with the digestive health therapy breathing becomes easier and a deeper sense of relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional rest are possible effects from this therapy.

One of our massage therapists, Madelin Semper, focuses on Digestive Health as a specialty here at Alchemy. She offers one on one services or coupled with Tom Eddins, our acupuncturist, to complete a digestive massage and cupping service.

Madelin Semper is also having an event titled “Self-Care for Digestive Health” on Saturday September 30 at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The cost will be $125 but you will joining Stephanie Hein, Herbalist & Educator, and Madelin Semper, Massage Therapist & Educator for this hands on class to learn how to apply self-care abdominal massage, herbs and foods to support your digestive health. To learn more, look on our website at alchemyboone.com or on Facebook as Alchemy, Center for Healing Therapies.


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