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3 Questions Posed by Sunday's Solar Eclipse

Astrology is not meant to provide answers, it’s meant to raise questions! Here are 3 for each of us to answer for the next 6 months:

            Sun/Moon (in Pisces) conjunction with Neptune (in Pisces)

1) Are you making space in your life for spiritual guidance? If not you risk being lost on the sea of distraction. This aspect asks you if you are willing to take 10-20 minutes out of your day to tune out and tap in. It asks you if you are ready to let go of your nostalgic longing for belonging and take hold of your true constant connection. If you’re not making even a little time to clear your mind then you’re gonna flounder, like a fish flopping on the sand. If you’re not sure where to start you could try a yoga or qigong class. You might even tryout the Headspace App, it’s got about 1000 5-star reviews. Check it out here

            Saturn (in Saggitarius) square to Chiron (in Pisces)

2) There is divine grace and there is self-responsibility. Both elements are a part of healing whatever emotional wounds you have... and we all have them. Are you ready to take some tangible steps toward living your truth? At some point our past wounds become points of empathy and compassion... if we accept them and work to gain higher perspective. So are you willing to do some of that work? … If not then you may be blindsided by the limitations of the blinders you wouldn’t take off. Should you rise to the challenge though, you may become a force of resource for others going through trials of their own.

            Mars/Uranus (in Aries) opposing Jupiter (in Libra) with Pluto T-squaring (in Capricorn)

3) Are you ready to let go of an outmoded system in your life? Are you ready to take big, bold action to lay down some new tracks? We have been dancing with this dynamic of unrest since Nov. 2016 but now the introduction of Mars turns up the heat! With a new level of intensity it poses the question, “What will you do?” Your forthcoming actions over the next 6 months will answer for you. Act with discernment and control and a foundation for something great in your life will be laid… act rashly and there may be a lot of fires to put out in your future. Fail to act and you could be bowled over by chaos and the unexpected.

Yes, there’s a fire lit under us right now! May skillful questions help us find useful answers in the deep water that is the source of life within us all.


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