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Integrative and Therapeutic Massage 


Our work is based on the simple idea of "Massage for People". We humans are a dynamic species that have frequently evolving needs. Whether we spend our days sitting at a desk, competing athletically, recovering from an injury, enjoying pregnancy, needing to relax and unwind from day to day stress, or enjoy our vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains, our team of practitioners are here to help facilitate re-connection and awareness as to how your body meets the world. All while therapeutically taking care of your body tissue's needs.

Each one of our licensed massage and bodywork therapists is unique in how they approach the body. They study and learn a systemic approach to the assessing and treating the body, called Myofascial Therapy. Aside from medical massage, they are also taught ethics, communication and professional development courses. Our therapists listen carefully to your needs, create a safe environment for you, and together come up with a massage session that best suits your needs at the time. 

Fascia is the foundation of the soft tissue part of our connective tissue system that permeates the human body. While forming a whole-body three-dimensional web of structural support, fascia is immersed in all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers, creating a unique environment for body systems functioning down to the cellular level. Misalignment and pain are two symptoms of unequal muscle tension distribution, nerve and muscle compression. Our therapists know how to balance the connective tissue(fascia) and muscles (myofascia) throughout the body.  

“Massage for People” is about increasing access to massage and therapeutic bodywork for the community.

Practitioners: Madelin Semper, Tracy Tanseer, Elizabeth O'Conner, Ryan Phipps and Kurt Love

Rates: 30mins/$50   60mins/$80   90mins/$120   120mins/$150   Package: 5/60mins sessions for $375

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